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20 minutes from the coast of KK City, a pontoon sits on the South China Sea winkling at the brilliant sun.

Borneo Reef World is anchored between between Sapi island and Gaya island, and one shall not under-estimate the fun and mayhem that goes on, around and sometimes, under the pontoon.

Underwater Observatory

A few steps down a yellow marked door transports you to another world, the underwater world in all its whimsy and charm.

The Under Water Observatory grants you a peek into the daily life of schools of fishes swimming about, in and out of the flamboyant corals that call the Borneo Reef World their home.


For those eager to visit the corals and critters of the underwater world, suit up and jump right into the cool blue waters!

Snorkel gear will be provided.


Get on a kayak and paddle the cool blues!

If you prefer to admire the simplistic beauty head above waters and one with the breeze, kayaks are available on the pontoon.

Go Explore!

Jet Ski

The perfect fix for the adrenaline junkie!

Feel free as a bird as you go throttling around the open ocean at high speeds!

Banana Boat

Like speed? Then hop on a banana boat with up to 5 of your friends, where you’ll be brought on an intense high speed ride through the waves.

We’ll see how long you last before splashing into the ocean!

Sea Walking

Want to make the most out of your precious vacation time? Take a walk on the wild side, go Sea-walking!

No diving experience required, immerse yourself in an underwater realm of incredible aquatic life swimming around you.. and still remain dry from the neck up!

Scuba Diving

Certified diving at Borneo Reef World is simply spectacular, where visibility is excellent and the variety of marine life is exceptional.

Our professional instructors accompany all dives at no extra charge, ensuring maximum experiences, safety and enjoyment.


Ever wondered what the world look like through a birds eye view?

Experience the majestic view as you are hoisted up in the air while safely harnessed to our speedboat.

Infinite freedom that comes with this experience is something one found find hard to forget!

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